Automobile Rear Mirror Laser Cutting Machine
LUGD Series
Adopt laser infrared picosecond filament cutting technology to cut automobile rearview mirrors, replacing cutter wheel cutting, optimizing the existing processing process

Product Data

·High yields

Hot and cold cracks to fall off the finished product easily, and the yield rate is over 99%.

·High speed and high precision linear motor

Fast cutting speed and high precision cutting accuracy <0.05mm

·Self-developed laser source

New infrared picosecond technology with good beam quality, small focusable spot, high power stability and chipping <0.05mm


Compatible with product size within 500*500mm, and compatible with single and double curves


Straight line body

Back type line body

Laser source power


Cutting equipment dimension (mm)


Cutting head


Cutting thickness(mm)


Linear motor repeat positioning accuracy


Maximum stroke (axis)

XY Linear motor:1100X800mm

Part dimension of laser cutting


Overall dimension of the whole machine (including heating spray)



Laser cutting part weight


Overall weight of the whole machine (including heating spray)


Maximum power of equipment



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